As Christians, worship is central to our life together.  Our traditional worship service is liturgical, meaning there is a standard shape and form which has been handed down in the church throughout the ages.  At the same time, through careful worship planning, we provide worship experiences that are engaging with variety throughout the year. 


The hymns that are chosen for worship come from the Lutheran Service Book but we do occasionally use traditional hymns from other hymnals.  Hymns are played mostly with an organ but occasionally with a piano.  Our adult choir, bell choir, instrumentalists, soloists, and orchestra also frequently participate in our services.


We believe that the Holy Spirit gathers us together and speaks to us through the words of Scripture, the sacraments, prayer and music.  Through worship, we are nurtured by God in order that we can grow in our faith and discipleship.  From worship we are sent out into the world to be active participants in Christ’s mission in the world.